New Committee & Best Mini-Site of the year

Hello all,
The time has come to handover between the old and new committees. Elections took place a few weeks ago now and the Saturday after Sports Federation Ball the handover meeting took place. If you haven’t heard yet, the Committee for Brunel Sailing Club 2012/2013 are;

Chairman: Sam Barnes
Secretary: Emma Martin
Treasurer: Saul Parkinson
Social Secretary: Olivia McCarthy
Web Officer: Andrew Jack
Bosun: Sam Barnes
Training Officer: Dominic Smith
Yachting Officer: James Hickman
Badger Events Manager: Richard Scotthorne
Team Captain: Andrew Jack
Club Development Officer: Chris Hulatt
Club Development Officer: Daniella Barnett

We had a great year this year, thanks to our fantastic committee and club members and I would like to say thank you for all your hard work, I can’t tell you how proud I am to be part of it!
Next year we are going to do everything we can to do you proud and continue to improve the club even more.

As the new commodore I have a great sense of pride towards the club and have big ideas to help develop the club further and really push our club the recognition we deserve…. To win Club of the Year!!

Last week was the Sports Federation Ball, which took place on Friday (27th April) was yet again a huge success with some of our members of the club being awarded Club Colours and Half Colours and then winning the overall award for Best Website out of all the sports clubs! A massive thank you to Andrew Jack for all his work on our clubs: website, minisite and club communications.

We have a great F.A.C.E week planned so far too, attending the Annual Snow Club Boat Party, our charity inflatable bungee run out on Bishops Green (Come and along and settle an argument with a friend or just come along for a laugh!) and possibly a good old trip to Thorpe Park!! These are only a few of the things planned so keep an eye on our Facebook page for more info on the up and coming events.

Next year we are really going to push the boat out (so to speak!) and really expand the club, with more Fundraising/RAG work, Socials, Racing, Trips and new to the club…. Yachting!! We are now in the process of setting up the yachting element as a permanent part of the club so if you are interested in doing courses, racing and possibly even a holiday, don’t hesitate to contact our yachting officer; James Hickman ([email protected]), for more info!!

Good luck to everyone with your exams, Hope to see you all soon during F.A.C.E week and next year too!!

Sam Barnes

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